Happy Mother Day 2074

सक्या छैन ,केही दिन अझै तिम्रो हातमा
कुनै दिन त ठुलै चिज दिउला कि भन्ने आशामा
धन्यवाद त्यो देउता लाइ,
जस्ले तिमी दियो मेरो भाग्यमा  ।।

जहाँ म गये पनि,जस्तो सुकै म भयेपनी
रहने छ तिम्रो माया सधै मेरो साथमा ..

छिट्टै स्वस्थ देख्न पाउ
छ भगवान सँग येहि  प्रार्थना ।

अरु के नै भन्न सक्छु र मेरि मम्मिलाई 
माता आैसिको शुभकामना ||
#HappyMotherDay #Love_U_Mummi


  1. In america, Mother's Day is celebrated on the next Weekend of May. In a few countries it was modified to dates which were significant to almost all religion, or even to historical dates.
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  2. Mother’s Day holds a very warm position in our heart. It is very much difficult to celebrate the contribution of a mother in a single day. Mother is no less than an army who protect their family from every turmoil by acting as a shield.
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