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I'mTN Gnawali

Tech Blogger & FuturePhysicist

I am a physics student, blogger and a self-taught web developer and designer. I dabbled in the online field during high school, playing with codes gave me a taste for the immediacy of making websites on the internet. None of my family member supports me for this. Unfortunately I chose physics in college. But my real interest was in blogging and playing with codes. As for personal interest, I only do blogging. If I am not blogging, I'll be taking rest all the day.. Kinda lazyGuy..

Some random facts about me.

I like to spend most of my time online. if I am not online Ill be either taking rest or go out of home to spend time with my friends. I love blogging and it has changed my life. I am so happy that I started it. I love the internet. I have got so many fans and followers (including foreign countries), best friends, online reputation, and money. My favorite colors are Black,Blue,White,Maroon and Red. I like having new experiences. It doesnt really matter if theyre good or bad. I love to help people and It gives me kick :P.


  • Blogging (WordPress, Blogger, Content Writing)
  • Making Money Online (Online Teaching, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing & Freelancing)
  • SEO (Having Good knowledge in it)
  • Writing (Articles, Presentations, Corrections)
  • Google Adsense (Google Network to earn money with website)
  • Google Search Console (Googles tool for crawling & indexing web pages)
  • Google Analytics (Googles tool for statistical data)
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+)


"You have to become above average person If you want to earn above average income."

I am very thankful to all my blog readers for commenting and reading my blog, it means a lot to me!


M.Sc Physics


St. Xavier's College,Maitighar ,Kathmandu

B.Sc Physics


Tribhuwan Multiple Campus Tansen,Palpa



Shreenagar Integrated College(SICOL) Tansen,Palpa



Sanskrit Ma.V. Ridi,Gulmi



21 November 1995

Blood Group

'O' Positive

Favourite Colours

White,Black,Red & Maroon

Favourite Singers

Charlie Puth,Eminem,Ed Sheeran,Jonas Blue,Zayn Malik, Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam,Ankit Tiwari

Favourite Novels

Favourite Actors

Dwayne Johnson ,Kevin Hart,Leonardo DiCaprio,Tom Cruise,Salman Khan(bhaijaan),Allu Arjun,Prabhas


Playing Cricket,Reading Novels,Blogging

Life Goal

To become a renowned physicist ,To spend beautiful and happy life with family and loved one.










A story I will never write.

He loved her. He kept texting her, he kept dreaming and cared about her but she didn't love him. She was too busy getting attention from other boys. All he wanted was her to love him however she couldn't do that. So he stopped texting and caring but not dreaming, he wanted to still dream about her because he could make her happy by being himself. He still thought what if she misses him but if she did miss him, she would be the first to text, first to call or first to tell him her thoughts.Sadly that never happened, eventually the boy gave up hope for her and didn't force anything anymore because she was the one that played with his heart and feelings. 

Jan 30 Daily Journal: SARASWATI Puja 📚

Thought of the day :
You are not beautiful, just your age is beautiful . It doesn't matter how you look and what's your skin colour because everything will change with age . At the end you need a holding hand , not a perfect body and beautiful face . Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You are not fat ,slim,skinny, small, ugly ,black , white. You are YOU and that's great.Don't judge anyone with their temporary appearance.

Activity : 
I woke up at 6:00 a.m, then  washed my face and went for morning snacks , came back to room and took some clothes, towel. It was Saraswati Puja so I went to have shower  and then again had tea . After that I came back room and started studying .

At 9:30 I went for having meal. Before having meal I worshipped Saraswati and other God and goddesses there . Then I had Prasad and tika . After having meal  I went to library and  there for 5 hours in a row .Then returned hostel by bus and then I had my lunch. It was puri tarkaari in the menu.
Then I came back  and started watching some Rubik's Cube solving videos. It was too much difficult to understand what the tutor was saying. So I didn't watch those videos, instead I started playing some songs and singing in a lip sync .Then at 6:30 i meditated and at 7:00 I went for meal ,then came back to room and took a nap for 30 minutes. After that I studied for a while, then I had a conversation with parents and followingly kreepa and I slept at 9:45. Thanks a lot for this beautiful day.


Happy Birthday Sushmita

💕💕💕You finally made it to another new year in your life, a year of perfection. God will give you all-round victory in every sphere of your life, those sacred hands of the Lord will embrace you to keep you  from falling. May you be blessed  with successful spots everywhere you step onto  through this year and your days will be filled with joy. Happy birthday nanu.💕💕💕💕

© Susmita Dhungana

Nagarkot Picnic 2k18

The only thing is quality of life; if you have a place where you can go and have a picnic with your friends, it doesn’t matter if it’s a recession or not, you can include that in your quality of life



TN is a talented go-getter, always adding value. Throughout our lasting work relationship, TN has brought professionalism, creativity, and optimism. Looking forward to continuing on a path of success with this stellar individual. A true team player!



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