Change action to change your dream

Dec 14, Boston School , Kalopul

When you want to lucid dream, you must train yourself to question reality in your wakeful state. The cliche is to try switching lightswitches. If the lights turn on and off, you know you are awake. If the light does not turn on and off, you know that you are probably in a dream, and you can use another test to confirm.

 In order to change your behaviour and assumptions in a dream, you must do so in reality.I have found so much success in hacking my dreams during waking life. Whenever I see  imagery or anything which arouses me in a movie or otherwise, I don't allow the temptation to even present. I look away or I cover it with my hand. This is because, as much as I feel I can overcome it, I often find my eyes are drawn there, and I have to resist the temptation. In a dream, if the imagery magics itself into a scenario I can interact with, that temptation will always lead me to indulge. But, if I refuse it to even enter my consciousness, then it becomes an impossibility.

The only way to beat bad dreams is to hack your psychology through movement. There is no special meditation or spritual method to overcome the 2nd strongest biological force on the planet (closely after the will to survive). The only way you can beat your surrender to this force is to cut the chain to relapse at the first link. The only way to beat your behaviour and physical actions in your dreams is through changing your behaviour and physical actions in your waking life.

A dream is not a thought, it is not a concept, it is not a simulation. When you act in a dream, you use the same part of the brain as that which directly controls motor functions in your body in real life. The only difference is that there is an internal mechanism which blocks cerebral movement impulses during dreams from reaching your muscles. Otherwise, those cerebral events are exactly the same. For example, sleepwalking is a condition where that inhibiting mechanism fails, and the person's body acts the same behaviour as their dreams. 

Lastly , 
 Changing your thoughts will not change your dreams. That's impossible. You can try to change your dreams, but you will never truly defeat your subconscious. The only way to change your actions in your dreams is to change your actions in the real world.

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