Why I love Osho Rajneesh

After I got myself involved into spiritual  practices  , I left no stone unturned  to read the books that i used to found along my journey. When I watched a discourse of osho on the quantum  realm of the universe  , i loved the way he projected the dharma and science  together in order to elaborate the facts . Although it was difficult  for me to decide whether to believe his words or not but time flies  and so man's  tendency  to percive . 

There is one story about him , it is said that he had read around 10 million books in his 50 yrs . I wonder how a man from a village can have this much of source of information  to talk on any topic . I add swami vivekananda for the reference  , yes its possible to achieve  such kind of divine power . Here I admit that I barely believe  such kind of power so I call it the divine power .

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