A sigh of relief

Uhh! It's  been a while since I was so worried about the things I decided to change  . The days that passed  by reminded me of how stupid i was to be hung up with those spared moments . But now everything seems magical . The pain of the rudeness , the bitterness  of the toxicity is gone .How dumb i was to believe that someone  would do extraordinary for me 😂😂, Another funny thing is i was so scared of their sacrifice (*for the sake of comradeship) ,wtf.🙄 I realized  that sometimes we are able to see   the another side only by taking risk . The reality is so far unrealistic  for these  eyes to believe. Time is the tool to  unravel the mystery .Whatever  happens,   happens for a reason  (it could be a lesson or a guideline). Life is  good , So the people are . Everyone  has their  own character which decides their destiny.  

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