Life is a puzzle

Jay shree Krishna 

There is a world within a day. There are so many stages and moments to savor within every day. Right now, the sun is burning through the mid morning fog that is coming off the hills. I am thinking about what I want to do today ,and that feels powerful. How can I surrender myself to the the narrative of  the everyday ?how can I  really open up to the thousands of opportunities I meet every single day ? I can feel them dancing and shining at me through the mist of my expectations.Fuck  My expectations! I am ready for new, the strange and the exquisite. I am a detective ,searching for clues within my daily  life, finding and solving the  riddle of the hidden world ,summing up  all the puzzle pieces.You pick right piece for each places and all pieces fall into right place.Then you are all set to soar. Life isn't  hard if you deal genuinely.There is no point to worry and to be regretful for anything that disturb your peac and your existence. You live your life , not others . First learn  to walk then, gradually you can run.That's how life works. 

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