I Must Change

Jay Shree Krishna
Everyone wants a listening ear . Everyone wants to be seen,heard and understood. Everyone wants to be happy, to be appreciated and to be loved . We all want to be heard , respected and to be seen as the person we see ourselves. But how ? , how does anyone expect me to see if all they do is talking abuses of my good intentions?. If they make excuses for every single thing that goes wrong . Even though they know it was their choice . When I do my best to help them , be there fo them , to hear their voices , to accept them . How can they use that goodness , after all that's my innocence, after all my understanding, my time and my good intentions. They treat me the way they never knew me .How will they understand me , If their intentions are just to use me. Please hear me first , accept my flaws, respect my innocences. I think I must deny them when they speak to me ,I must refuse them to help . I must change myself as If I don't feel anything .

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