30 Days writing challenge

Jay Shree Krishna, 
Sometimes I come up with ideas to write about , but sometimes  I can't  find what to write about.  So I created a list of 30 ideas to write  each day , I feel they are great to be discussed  with own perspectives. As a daily writer I personally  use these sort of topic to write on my reflection journal.  Every topic is connected  to heart , no matter how bad I am at describing  something  I can write about  these topic confidently. 

DAY 1: describe your personality 
DAY 2: things that makes you happy. 
DAY 3: a memory. 
DAY 4 : places you want to visit. 
DAY 5: Your parents 
DAY 6 : Single and Happy 
DAY 7: favorite movie 
DAY 8 : the power of music 
DAY 9: Write about happiness. 
DAY 10 : Your best friend 
DAY 11: Talk about your siblings 
DAY 12 : favourite tv series 
DAY 13 : favourite book 
DAY 14 : Describe your style 
DAY 15 : If you could run away, where would you go? 
DAY 16 : someone I miss 
DAY 17 : ways to win my heart 
DAY 18 : Thirty facts about myself
 DAY 19 : My first love 
DAY 20 : your celebrity crush 
DAY 21 : write about LOVE. 
DAY 22 : write about today 
DAY 23 : A letter to someone, anyone 
DAY 24 : write about a lesson you've learned. 
DAY 25 : Something inspired of the 11th image on your phone DAY 26 : your school 
DAY 27 : Someone who inspires me
 DAY 28 : write about loving someone. 
DAY 29 : My goals for the future 
DAY 30 : write about what do you feel when you write. 

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