Applying New Strategy from now on

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Jay Shri Krishna , It's 12:30 and I am still awake. It's kind of feeling that is motivating me e to stay active and awake . As I am planning to make a routine and I am on the way to accomplish ,what I am aspiring to achieve . Day one has completed perfectly by routine.It's great to create a ritual and it's easy to follow because it represents a sort of urgency to finish the task . In previous days my mind was used to wander between activities but today I felt like I have to stay productive and it was astonishing. When we write down our task for the day in morning time , we will be reminded to do the task and body also adapts with the time set . It's just a new strategy that I completed for this day .And I am sure I'll keep this strategy in coming days. I've learnt there is nothing worthy to sleep without any purpose.  It's not going to hard for me to change my order this way everything is almost perfect. I hope God is going to bless me me energy to fuel myself to stay in the routine. I want to thank God for everything.

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