Sep 9 2019

Day started with the creepy sound of the  guy with  whom i have shared my hostel room. He was making call with his gf that conversation  drove me to anger and i wished to teach him how to behave properly  so I scolded  him not to make noise while  people are sleeping around  . By the way that wasn't  a big issue for him so he admitted  his mistake and shut his mouth up . And I went to day starting work I mean I went to washroom to become fresh for the new start of the day. After a while i came back with fresh feeling . Sagar and I went to have some morning  snacks but there weren't  snacks though . Hostel had provided us VUTEKO CHANA and TEA with marich ( Boulai always suggests me to drink tea with marich and she also reminds  me that it  helps to heal pain and headache ) . Then we came back to room and I started  to study SHIKSHAN SAHAJIKARAN PRAKRIYA , at first it was too boring to study but by the time i got involved into it and began to understand what it is really about . 

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