Love Is Beautiful

Love is beautiful when it's not caged, not forced. It becomes painful when you expect more than you put efforts on. Love is pure when it is unconditional, and  love is perfect when you accept imperfections. You know you are in  love when you can't  fall asleep because it's hard to shut down your brain and not to think about the person who always messes up with your sleep  :p . I laugh harder for no reason . I feel more attracted towards you. When something goes wrong or goes right ,or I hear something  funny ,or I see something bizzare ,I want to share with you . I want to talk about it bcoz this is what we have been doing  since we have become known to each  other inside out. I wish I could be better me for you , the one  whom you deserve 😔. During the day I keep myself busy and time passes by so easily.  But at night , I really miss you . I wonder whether  you do miss me or not . My heart says that  you are  missing me right now . I just want to say ' ❤❤❤I love you❤❤❤ ' .😊😊😊

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